In 2023 we are hoping to start offering classes.
These would be small group sessions where we can have some hands on classes to teach you some skills from basic hand sewing to more developed skills.
If there is something you’d specifically like to learn, get in touch and let us know.

We are hoping to get an idea of people interested in our classes so please feel free to sign up to our newsletter. This is just going to be used to keep you informed about classes, open studios, markets and so on that we are doing. We promise never to share you’re info and we’ll never spam you.

The first classes we hope to offer in spring 2023 are:
* hand sewing and mending basics
* beginners hand embroidery and mini embelishments
* kids stencil printing on t-shirts

Future classes we are thinking of is hemming garments, simple zip repairs, intro to machine sewing.

So get in touch and stay tuned.